This is a photo record of macro-invertebrates that I have collected from local area trout streams. I use the images as records for size, shape and color when tying flies to imitate naturals for trout. 


The Midge:

The Midge Fly  One of 3 Midge Species  Midge Cases in the Film

Little Black Stonefly:

Little Black Stonefly


Baetis: The Blue Winged Olive

Baetis (I think)  Baetis Nymphs  Baetis Samples

Baetis, BWO  BWO Front  BWO Dry Fly and a Baetis Mayfly  The BWO

Grey Caddis:

Grey Caddis The Grey Caddis Fly Grey Caddis Flies

Grey Caddis Fly Grey Caddis Fly Caddis Intercourse?


Cranefly Larva  Dobson Fly Larva


4 Responses to “The Naturals”

  1. Brian said

    I have already been using your photos as a bit more reference for what I see on the water– great idea!


  2. Justin,

    Ck. out the way Michelle has layed out her bugs…



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