Carp Flies tied by The W.F.F.


The Not-So-Distant Future

August 19, 2009

Added Legs....

 “The core of mans’ spirit comes from new experiences.” Christopher McCandless

X-Factor Nymph tied by the W.F.F.The X-Factor created by J.P. and proven lethal by W.B. this last trip.

I decided to give a go at tying some carp flies. I’m hoping the way I tied these combined with the hook style (Mustad 37160) will make for a less snaggy hook when sunk to those plush carp lips. It took a while to get used to tying this upside down but I sunk it in the tub and because I added weight to the bottom the fly it turns when dropped even with mono tied to it.

X-Factor Nymphs tied by the Winona Fly Factory