Winter 2009

1st Winter Trout2nd Winter TroutW.F.F. Catching Winter Trout Photo by Heath Sershen

Ice ArtWinter W.F.F.Winter Trout StreamWinter Trout WaterThe Boys

Steeper BanksMore W.W. RiverStop for Rest, Food, Warmpth

Sershen Bros Fishing for TroutW.F.F. Dressed for the FridgedI smiled when I saw this.Small Stream MinnesotaPossum

Brown on a Mini Leech

The Midge FlyTiny TroutTrout Water

Trout Water at 10:30amTrout WaterWaiting for the Hatch

Summer 2008


2 Responses to “Trout Hunting”

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    • Brian Ramsey said

      Your web site looks great. I’ve been trying to connect with people in the area because my family and I are moving to Viroqua, WI. My wife just got a job with Organic Valley dairy in La Farge, WI. We both grew up in Minnesota, but I came out here to fly fish and go to college in 1991 (in that order). We’re really excited to be moving to the driftless area. I’m not sure what I’ll do for a job, yet, but there should be something down there. Please keep in touch.
      Brian Ramsey
      Bozeman, MT

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