My Tying Fix, For Now….

July 8, 2009

#16 Sparkle Larvae tied by The Winona Fly Factory

Note: On order, Beavertail Foam Cutters for Hopper bodies. Thanks to Mat at the Driftless Angler for a few ideas and being a nice person. I’ve got a few ideas cookin’, keep your eyes peeled for something awesome soon to come. 


8 Responses to “My Tying Fix, For Now….”

  1. Ahhhh…..Now that’s some cute fly arranging!

  2. Yea, I’m a dork Scott, with a slight tendency towards OCD.

  3. love it. nice work WFF

  4. Those are some dirty flies baby.

  5. Great looking flies. How do they work?

  6. Scudly said

    Bead head flashback copper Johns. Love em! They work great for plunge pools. Get down deep fast. One of my favorite nymphs of all time. Look easy to tie too?

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