May 31st, The Sunday Before

May 31, 2009

Brown Trout

Fished for two short hours and the Light Hendrickson’s were everywhere. I fished one dry fly the entire time, never lost it and it took a beating and still took fish, close to a dozen, maybe more, one really nice brown and a bunch of 12-14in others. Things are starting to really pay off for me, three casts in and I was onto some serious action. Light Hendrickson’s must be going strong on other area streams, keep a look out for the larger March Brown too. 


4 Responses to “May 31st, The Sunday Before”

  1. Bobbie Carroll said

    Hey, awesome pictures and commentary.

  2. Scott C said

    Sounds like some fun! Looks like a beautiful place to fish. Nice brownie!

    -scott c

  3. your stream shots are not letting on anything.

    When are you done tomorrow? Wanna meet on that one creek?

    Call me before you leave town, anything after 4 works for me.

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