May 19th, A Quick Run

May 19, 2009


Fished for just a few hours today, saw some cool things and met a fellow fly fisherman looking for alittle advice. It was excellent to feel knowledgeable enough to help steer this guy in the right direction. Let me back up, got on stream and took water temp right away, today I was hoping to find some mayflies hatching. I took an initial temp of ~58 degrees and picked bugs finding, as I have on several other area streams that the Ephemerella nymphs were in full force and just about ready to pop. The date I’ve been hearing is May 20th and although I didn’t see any hatching Light Hendricksons I did see a few sporadic rising trout, my thought is due to some light Caddis activity. During my bug picking adventure I lifted a rock with my strainer downstream to catch the contents and when I pulled it out? A Sculpin! I’ve tried catching these things before but they are quick, it was cool to see this one up close.

A Comparison? Sculpin from under a Rock!Ephemerella Invaria/Rotunda Nymphs

I fished a larger Caddis pattern trailed by a smaller PT and both were catching fish today. Second cast and I was onto trout, small trout but trout none the less. I’ve yet to be frustrated with size but I have been catching 6-8″ trout in large numbers but few larger than 10″. Today saw two larger than 12″ and one that threw the hook would have been a larger trout. I enjoyed the warm sun, standing in a few inches of cold trout water was refreshing. I fished until a fellow happened by wanting to know if I was catching anything.

Trout Water Flowin' To My Feet After a few minutes of having a conversation across the stream I decided that I would rather chat about fly fishing than keep working the spot I was on. I crossed the stream and met a fellow who introduced himself as “Bruno.” He asked about trout, places to fish and what flies I was using. I popped open the boxes I had on me and gave him a few Swimming PT’s and a few new Scud patterns. It was great to talk trout and help someone out, afterward I decided to pack it in, I had obligations and I was satisfied I had put the trout demons down for the time being.


6 Responses to “May 19th, A Quick Run”

  1. What kind of nymphs are those next to the sculpin pic? You should try stripping some zoo cougars through that water with sculpins in abudance that’s if you already haven’t. What program do you use for adding pics if you don’t mind sharing with me?

    • I think the nymph in front of the nose is an Ephemerella Rotunda, I think its rotunda due to the lighter brown color so Light Hendrickson.

      As for the program for adding pictures.. To the website? I use the upload feature provided by the wordpress account I have. Editing the images I use just Iphoto on the Mac at home, I just crop and resize so nothing fancy. I don’t have time for the fancy stuff, I want to fish.

      P.S. WordPress is great, its free and the storage for the images seems endless, I’ve got alot of space left.

  2. Brian said

    That pic of the real caddis larvae next to your fly is great– also thanks for the great picture of the sculpin, it’s nice to see one up close!

    You’ve inspired me to actually look at what’s hatching on the river before choosing flies…


  3. Bruno said

    Thank’s for the advise the other day on my scouting trip. Lisa and I are heading back to Winona this afternoon for the big weekend. We will be camping at the Great River Bluffs State Park but plan hitting those streams we talked about.

    Great Website!!! I have learned more from you regarding FF info and preparation for this trip in our conversation and from your website than I have from speaking with the Gander Mt or Cabellas Outfitter “Experts”. Thanks again for that jar of Fly’s – impressive work. You should offer a guide service for in your area.

    • Glad to hear from you Bruno, good luck with your weekend plans. Let me know how your fishing turns out this weekend. Let me suggest dry flies in 14-16 with a light olive body or slightly more yellow. Fish should be rising from 11-4pm as the Light Hendrickson hatch occurs. This might be a good opportunity to catch trout, the fly shop in Elba should carry something like this, or there is a bait shop in Winona that sells some flies, on West 5th St. check them out too.

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