The Caddis Infantry

April 30, 2009

Caddis Infantry

Caddis Infantry Caddis Infantry Caddis Infantry


5 Responses to “The Caddis Infantry”

  1. love it. Roll Call!

  2. Or, when like I was at Ft.Ord in ’67 – from my Drill Sgt., ” Everything you people touch turns to….!”


    PT/TB 🙂

  3. Brian said

    You’ve been a tying maniac. Fly porn for sure… I’m all about the sparkle pupa– especially for the october caddis hatch– it’s a great fly.

    Here people use “Burk’s bottom rollers” in green, orange, tan etc to imitate caddis (Andy burk is a local guy) and they work quite well–check it:

  4. Brian said

    I’ve been meaning to find a picture of some bottom rollers with the colors I tie these in (realizing after watching the video again that i almost never use the colors in the vid)

    I stumbled on a picture I posted a long time ago with these green ones– they work well here on the truckee but I’m not sure about the small clear creeks that you usually fish:

  5. swittersb said

    Disciplined tying! Wow, your Spring has not been wasted. In the field and at the vise. Nice work.


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