Meet My New Friend; And Five of His Pals

April 21, 2009

 “The core of mans’ spirit comes from new experiences.” Christopher McCandless

X-Factor Nymph tied by the W.F.F.The X-Factor created by J.P. and proven lethal by W.B. this last trip.

I decided to give a go at tying some carp flies. I’m hoping the way I tied these combined with the hook style (Mustad 37160) will make for a less snaggy hook when sunk to those plush carp lips. It took a while to get used to tying this upside down but I sunk it in the tub and because I added weight to the bottom the fly it turns when dropped even with mono tied to it.

X-Factor Nymphs tied by the Winona Fly Factory


5 Responses to “Meet My New Friend; And Five of His Pals”

  1. looking good there WFF. I’ll need to tie some of those up “scorpion-style” too.

  2. Great pattern and great ties there. Need to get them wet.

  3. Thanks fellas. Wendy, I’ve been scouting, walking around water I never thought to look at. Hopefully I’ll have something soon.

  4. Brian said

    Killer flies– I can’t help but wonder if those wouldn’t work for trout almost as well….

    I’m jealous of your successful carping– I’ve yet to catch one of them sumbitches…

    here’s to brownlining!


  5. Pockets said

    Heck man……those are truly buggy looking flies. Best I have seen in a while. Hope you’ll spare one or two for me this fall!

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