Sat. April 11th: Brewing Old George

April 12, 2009

Trout Pale Ale

We spent saturday brewing an English style pale ale for our first go at brewing beer. I decided Old George was the name I wanted for the beer in honor of the big trout I’ve been chasing. Liz’s brother came down to help us through the process and drink a few with us during. It was surprisingly simple, I can see how it could be very complex if one so chose. I have interest in continuing this side hobby. We brewed for four hours discussing the process as it went, I asked plenty of questions to help the next time. The wort which is the grains, malt (in our case), hops and water boiled then chilled and combined with yeast. It now sits in the basement fermenting for two weeks before we transfer for another two weeks and then we can bottle the beer. This will sit for atleast another three weeks before it is ready for drinking. This was a good day spent not trout fishing.


2 Responses to “Sat. April 11th: Brewing Old George”

  1. Jay said

    Beer! Careful, beer-making is addictive. Many a young brewer has turned to a life of crime to finance the habit. Stealing kettles from their wives, even their own mothers! Digging up the rose gardens to plant hops (I suggest Fuggle or Cascade)It’s a slippery slope my friend.

  2. Good luck with that brew. I’ve had some stinky home brews before, but a couple months back I had some my buddy had made and it blew me away. May you have similar results.

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