The Plan, Friday April 3rd

April 2, 2009

To Dinosaur Land

  • 7am: Coffee
  • 7:30: Leave Loaded to Go Drive 23.4miles to Destination
  • 8:09: Arrive 39min. later. Hike in.
  • 8:40: Fish
  • Noon: Lunch in Headwaters
  • 2pm: Hike Out Drive 39min home.
  • 2:30: Kiss Liz at Home
  • 3:30pm Work

Early Morning on the Water


3 Responses to “The Plan, Friday April 3rd”

  1. I’m intrigued. Drawn to that photo.

  2. Kyle said

    you made switters and b’s blog. I’m sure your aware of it, but if not it’s their. Pretty cool. Keep up the great posts.

  3. I have a place like this…The North Fork of the Tule River, East of Bakersfield in the Southern Sierras. One of the VERY few places I do not find human refuse that is within 100 yards of a 4X road…I go there because I am waiting for the Ewok to pop out from behind a redwood… Keep truckin’ Justin!!!


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