The Rabid Rabbit tied by The W.F.F.

March 8, 2009

Finished Rabbit.

  • Hook: #6 Streamer
  • Thread: Olive 140 Denier
  • Eyes: Small Bead Chain
  • Weight: .20
  • Tail: Olive Marabou
  • Body: Olive Ice Chenille
  • Hackle Collar: Natural Rabbit Guard Hairs

I tied these today as I watched the snow fall, weather conditions have kept me indoors. I recently visited Florida and stopped into a fly shop in south Miami, I picked up this olive ice chenille and wanted to play around with it. I also had the tuft of rabbit fur from a walk to the Whitewater River with Sershen. We found several spread over a large area near bald eagle nests, I picked a bit up and brought it home. I like the stiff guard hair look, take note that after spinning the dubbing whirler you can lightly pull the underfur without removing the guard hairs used to form the collar. I hope this will take a trout but I might also use it for warm water species as well.


7 Responses to “The Rabid Rabbit tied by The W.F.F.”

  1. Love the flies. I really like the site. I can’t believe you only started fishing a year ago. When I started it took me an entire year to catch a fish, and learned most things through trial and error. I admire how quick you picked up the great sport of fly fishing. Keep up the great posts, Tight Lines. Kyle

  2. winonaflyfactory said

    Thanks man, I put quite a bit of my time into this stuff, I sometimes need to stop and remember that I had a different life before fly-fishing. I dig what I saw on your site, I’ll be stopping back soon.

  3. thanks for the comment. Hey, I started listening to yonder mountain string band after one of your ipod mixes. I haven’t listened to bluegrass before and really liked it. Any other bands like that you suggest?

    • winonaflyfactory said

      Hmmm….there isn’t much out there that is like yonder. If you dig it and want more goto They allow taping at everyshow so all there live concerts are up, years worth for free. I guess as far as bluegrass goes look into Trampled by Turtles, they started in Duluth and actually recorded a demo in a jam room of mine a few years back.

  4. Give us a head’s up on how this pattern fishes!!!


  5. Great looking fly. I tie a VERY similar pattern for the Trout in the lakes of BC, Canada where I live.

    The pattern that I tie is the same with one difference, Instead of the guard hair for hackle, I use either a red or Orange dyed Grizzly hackle. They work AWSOME here.

    Good luck with the pattern, and with the site. I will be around more often to have a look. I will also be adding your blog to my blogroll. Feel free to add mine to yours if you like.


  6. Brian J. said

    Looks like a good stillwater pattern perhaps? And I’m sure warm-water fish will like it – dang I gotta do some bassin’ this summer…

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