Winter Fishing Gear

February 9, 2009

Winter fishing has taught me that what you choose to wear can greatly affect the outcome of your day. Recently it has been a bit warmer and I am finding that my cold cold gear is a bit warm. For the hiking I have been doing, reducing layers and sticking to a good regiment of moving will keep you warm on the water. Here is what I have been using for a lower outer layer.

Bonfire Snowboard Pants:

Bonfire Snowboard Pants

These pants are excellent as long as your willing to not go in the water. I wear a pair of water resistant boots with these, not snowboard boots. These pants are water proof, breathable, warm and light. On colder days, 15 degrees and lower with wind, I wear these pants and a thermal under ware base layer and thats all I need. I would suggest looking into other sport areas to come up with new ideas for winter gear. I also use a snowboard coat both of which I got used and were much cheaper than some alternative fly fishing specific gear. Check used retail outlets and or ebay.


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