Jan. 31st Warmest Day Report

January 31, 2009

No midge, no rising trout, just pureed peas and diapers. Liz and I spent the warmest day of January and my first real opportunity to fish in nice weather again watching my niece Chloe. We had a good time but a 7 month old is a challenge and Liz and I, well we don’t have much practice so we decided that we needed to spend the time just focusing on the little one. That left me pouting basically, swinging from frustrated looking out the window to smiling when I hear the Clover spout “ma-ma-ma-maaaaa!” I took the dog out for a while which was excellent, this was the first time I let her run off the leash. She took a few diggers but walked them off and limped on her bad leg only a few times. All in all, no trout but an excellent day. 





One Response to “Jan. 31st Warmest Day Report”

  1. For me, the favorable weather has not been lock-stepped well with potential fishing days. Looks like that was the case here, but clearly you made a good day of it by hanging with you niece. Looks like a good time.

    A photo of a fisherman in Target… doesn’t seem right.

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