Spooling Around

January 6, 2009

Last night I worked on spooling my new reel with backing and the new fly line I bought for it. This is a 3-4 G-Loomis Eastfork Reel and I was extremely pleased and surprised by the difference in almost every aspect of this reel compared to the one I currently own. It is smoother, quieter, lighter and just looks much better than the one I’ve used to this point. I have a 4wt. rod currently and needed to set this reel up for that specific rod. The backing rating for this reel is 50yds of 20lbs backing, I mistakenly purchased 30lbs and so I spooled a few yards less than fifty which I just estimated as I went.

Fly Line Backing Albright KnotG-Loomis EastforkG-Loomis Eastfork

G-Loomis Eastfork

I managed to get the backing on with the arbor knot in less than fifteen minutes with alittle help from Liz as she provided tension while I reeled the backing on smoothly. Next was the line itself which I was slightly concerned that it wouldn’t fit for a moment and I would be forced to start over and cut some of the backing out but that did not happen. I tied the albright knot well enough the first time not to feel I needed to do it again and after clipping the ends short so it wouldn’t catch the guides if someday I get one on that would take me to my backing. Spooling the fly line took alittle longer as it was awkward at first. The difference between line is also very noticeable. The old line looks like a slinky the memory is so bad, especially in the cold. This new S.A. line had little memory off the spool. All in all I am very pleased and it took maybe 45 minutes from beginning to end to get everything spooled and pictures taken.

Note: I got all the knot information from Youtube.com. This is a great resource for the beginner. I watched several videos on how to do each knot prior to setting the reel up and I feel this saved time and frustration. Use youtube.com for good rather than evil.


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