Jan. 3rd Winter ’09

January 3, 2009

Sershen Bros and I hooked up again to see a new area of The White Water system neither of us had explored before. The day started around noon and went for only a few hours due to lack of fish and the desire to find some elsewhere, however once we left rain hampered any return to water. We headed home at 3.

January 3rd Winter Run

Once we got going I warmed up quickly and got down to fishing. Today we spent more time with lines in the water than hiking, which felt good. I was nymphing without an indicator fishing a small pt. #18 and a pink patrick #18. I also tried a #12 Black Leech down a deep fast run but came up empty handed and then lost the leech on a stick I think, I wasn’t getting wet to find out, bummer. 

I like winter fishing, its official. I’m comfortable and despite the temperature I adjust well. I’ll catch a fish here soon but until then I’m content being near the water. My suggestion with the winter fishing is that you go slower. Take your time picking your approach and don’t over extend yourself by trying to do everything too quickly.

Trout Water 

I didn’t see any midge activity and I thought I might seeing that it got warm enough to rain on us as we left to find fish in a different location. This prompted us to head in due to worsening weather conditions, a drive in the ice isn’t how I wanted to head home. 

              W.F.F. Ready  to Go    Shershen Bros. Nymphing    Trout Water


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