Imitation as Flattery

December 14, 2008

Size 20

Wendy, I’ve been focusing on you these last few days of tying thinking about those really tiny soft-hackles you tied. I thought I would give something similar a go. I found some excellent feathers for over 2 dozen flies on just one wing of the Partridge that I recently received as a gift from the game farm and the hunting dogs. I tied these in size 18 and 20 and I for some reason only added the flash tails to the size 20. Oops.  I used a green ice dub for the thorax and I really like how these turned out. Thanks Wendy for the ideas. I’m including a picture of the materials needed for these flies and I had to laugh at how little materials are needed. Note: the “sparse” amount of ice dub. 

A Bunch of Trout Trouble

Materials Needed


2 Responses to “Imitation as Flattery”

  1. Great fly. Swing that down to a midge-eater this January sometime and be ready for a sweet strike to be followed by thrub-thrub pulse through the rod.

    Can’t wait for a warm January day. Seems so damn far away right now.

  2. winonaflyfactory said

    This last Saturday all I could think was I wish it was January. I have been prepping Liz so that she knows not to wonder where I am when the air temp hits 25 and there is little wind.

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