A Quick Thank You

December 14, 2008

A big thank you goes out to Jack Tucker and Sue Kreutzer for being great people. Fly tiers are awesome. I was left a comment by a very nice woman pointing out that I hadn’t given proper credit for the IOBO fly found in the W.F.F. Flies section. I promptly changed it and sent her a reply. Sue being wonderful, passed on the information to Jack Tucker the originator of the fly who ask me for an address and here is what I received a few days later. 

Jack Tucker's Letter and Flies

It makes me smile to know that I’ve made friends with a few people just by our love of fly tying. Thanks to Sue and Jack for creating and publishing the information on the IOBO and I can’t wait for the opportunity to fish a Tucker tied IOBO. Along with the IOBO pattern that spurred the conversation Jack sent me a “Jackhammer” which is a klinkhammer parachute patter and some craft yarn to experiment with. You can see the IOBO instructions here and the instruction for the Jackhammer here.


One Response to “A Quick Thank You”

  1. Cool correspondence there.

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