The California Collar

November 24, 2008

Being that I’m a dork and watch the History channel I came across a phrase while watching a Wild West Tech. The California Collar was an alias for a hangman’s noose. I loved the ring of this phrase and wanted to create something that I hope will put the trout in my gallows, figuratively speaking. 

The California Collar by the W.F.F.

The California Collar:

  • Hook: #16 2xLong Caddis Nymph
  • Thread: 6/0 Red
  • Body: 2 Strands Black, 3 Strands Red SM Ultra Wire
  • Overbody: 3 Coats Hard as Nails
  • Thorax: Peacock Herl
  • Beard: Duck Feather Fibers tied Long
  • Head: Tying Thread

What scenario would you fish this under? This is my first poll and feed back is welcome. Thanks


5 Responses to “The California Collar”

  1. The poll should have a —k yes option. That will be a trout killer, no question. Great tie there. Maybe try a few on smaller hooks too.

  2. I bet you could even skip the legs.

  3. Tim Barker said

    Try this tie on a Diiachi 1150…wider gape…it will, in any case, slay fish!!!!


  4. winonaflyfactory said

    I really appreciate the feed back guys. Thanks for your time and thoughts.

  5. H-man said

    The only thing I can remember that was red and small wormy were Blood Midge that I had previously found were in 2004. Here are my records.

    I have it recorded that Garvin Brook, near Farmer’s Park and the lower South Branch Whitewater River held population of these species of midge. They were small and if it were a hook it would take less than a size 22 hook shank to replicate the length. I recollect that, as with black flies, these midge were clingers and I typically found them on rocks covered in organic slime or dentrious(sp) in shallow riffles.

    Given the locality of the 2007 flood, I have found that these riffles, that in 2004, held populations of this species of midge are now clean of organic slime in the areas that were previously sampled, if the riffles even still exist due to shifting sediment loads directly related to the traumatic high water event of 2007.

    I would be happy to see that a population sustained the re-naturalization of these sample areas and would recommend that you take this great fly recipe and make it at least half as small in anticipation of finding such a natural larva to mimic and fool right eyed Browns with.

    By the way Stino, Iowa is but an hour away and they still have trout in their creeks this time of year……


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