May Fly Entomology Pt. 5

November 10, 2008

The Hatch

I saw this video on the Moldy Chum’s Blog and on Mountain River Journal’s Blog and found it to be quite informative and very well done. As it is of mayflies I thought it fitting to post it here for my future reference. Note: The nymphs in the beginning are defiantly in the burrowers category note the tusks and if I’m correct these are Ephemera guttulata. My reasons for this identification are the shape of the tusk on the nymphs, and the distinct light yellow gill section and the much darker abdomen. Also the duns appear to match the larger size and color of the guttulata. Unfortunately, these do not inhabit my waters.


One Response to “May Fly Entomology Pt. 5”

  1. […] January 8, 2009 After watching both video’s and live nymphs that I’ve picked from the streams I’ve fished I noticed the motions made while free nymphs attempt swimming, it looks like a full body heave for the clingers, the crawlers and the burrowers. The swimmers are the only nymphal type that this pattern might not imitate well due to the difference in motion expressed while swimming free. For a reference check out the video posted here.  […]

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