More W.F.F. Flies…

November 9, 2008

Since starting my flyfishing journey in June I have since bought a wonderful rotary vise and spent quite sometime researching, watching (, thinking about fly tying and how I can create my own flies mainly because of two reasons the first practical, Winona lacks any concept of a fly shop and thus flies, second the rush from catching trout on your creation. With that here is a sample of more work and shots of what I’ve done since Oct. 1 noting that I didn’t have them all spread on the counter just the most recent. 

   Madame X by W.F.F.   W.F.F. Madame X White Bottom   Cicada Fly aka. the Zug Bug

I fished the second fly above quite regularly at the end of this last summer season. It would almost always pick up a good sized trout but I found it to be a one hit wonder. It needs help floating and can be a pain. I have since started treating my dries with Water Shed. The first fly above is a smaller sized Madame X that I tried recreating from This was my first attempt but more to follow.

   Compara-Dun tied by W.F.F.   Compara-Dun tied by W.F.F. (Front)   Compara-Dun tied by W.F.F.

These above are compara-dun dry flies I’ve been working on to match the mayfly entomology I’ve been researching. The wing is supposed to splay across the body creating the wing of the duns. Tied in both lighter and dark deer hair. I need to work on the taper of the body, but I’m working on it.

Messy Fly BenchThis was empty not too long ago!


2 Responses to “More W.F.F. Flies…”

  1. You’ve been turning out quite a few flies. They look good. Tying is one of dimensions of fly fishing that lifts it above other forms, IMO.

  2. winonaflyfactory said

    I agree. Tying for me is relaxing, rewarding and fun.

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