Fly Tying Friday!

October 24, 2008

The Winona Fly Factory has been hard at work tying new and different flies for next season and this winter. Working on dry fly midges, white caddis, midge larva, deer emergers, ect. I will be posting those in the W.F.F. Flies page. This makes my winter tying total up to 18 dozen finished. 

I wanted to play with soft hackles but I don’t have much in the way for stores to buy materials and they are costly but I do happen to have a dog that pheasant hunts and I used feathers from a pheasant half to tie different soft hackle patterns based on the information I’ve been reading at Whiskey Creek’s site (link below). As a result of my interest in playing I tied a few different flies that I have attempted to name and will try next season to see if any will catch a trout. We shall see, but fun to experiment! Name suggestions welcome, I don’t know if I like the ones I have. 



I would like to note that the two streamer patterns are tied like salmon flies in that they are not much wider than the hook even with the feathers on top unlike the middle one which requires a front view to explain it a bit more. 

Check the W.F.F. Page for images of the other new flies. Recipie requests are welcome always, leave a comment and I would be happy to give any information I can.


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